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The Beers



Malty amber German-style lager brewed with noble hops.

ABV 6.5% IBU 25

Azanian Passion

Azanian Passion

Intensely hoppy DIPA with Azacca and Southern Passion hops.

ABV 8.0% IBU 26

The Watermelon Puffin

The Watermelon Puffin

Slightly sour brew with watermelon puree to give it a fruity twist that also reminds us of blueberry and lychee.

ABV 3.4% IBU



A bold, fruity NE-style DIPA made with Wai-iti hops from New Zealand.

ABV 8.0% IBU

The Prickly Pear Otter

The Prickly Pear Otter

A refreshing, neon pink sour made with prickly pear, coriander, and kosher salt.

ABV 5.3% IBU

The Mint Lime Otter

The Mint Lime Otter

A refreshing minty gose-style ale with lime.

ABV 5.3% IBU

Mexican Lager

Mexican Lager

A crisp, crushable lager brewed with maize and lime peel for a clean, refreshing taste perfect for the summer heat.

ABV 5.3% IBU 8

Everything Floats on Key Lime

Everything Floats on Key Lime

An intensely sour, dry-hopped NE-style IPA with a generous addition of key lime.

ABV 7.5% IBU

Brandy Barrel Sugarbear Quad

Brandy Barrel Sugarbear Quad

This big, dark Abbey-style ale delivers rich apple brandy flavor together with brown sugar and hints of strawberry and maple syrup.

ABV 13.5% IBU 10

The Raspberry Lime Otter

The Raspberry Lime Otter

Light, refreshing American-style gose conditioned on raspberry and lime.

ABV 5.3% IBU 4

The Velvet Walrus Hazelnut Coffee Milk Stout

The Velvet Walrus Hazelnut Coffee Milk Stout

A silky smooth milk stout with Rostov’s hazelnut coffee.

ABV 7.6% IBU



A funky, sour farmhouse ale with wild microorganisms. (Bottles only)

ABV 6.8% IBU



A funky, dry-hopped farmhouse ale with Brettanomyces. (Bottles only)

ABV 7.3% IBU 4

Celeia Saison

Celeia Saison

A crisp, dry-hopped saison with Styrian Celeia and Motueka hops.

ABV 6.3% IBU 31

Norse Double IPA

Norse Double IPA

Complex, hazy DIPA brewed with traditional Norweigan farmhouse yeast.

ABV 8.0% IBU 25



A malty, golden lager brewed with noble German hops.

ABV 5.1% IBU 22


Hyperborea was a place beyond the north winds in Greek mythology where the sun was always shining and outdoor activities could be enjoyed every hour of the day. While our Hyperborium taproom is not open quite as long, the feeling of the outdoors surrounds our space. A 20-tap draft system flows with sessionable beers and sours, featuring a few surprise beers each week. Well-behaved dogs are welcome on our patio and tour information is listed below. Please contact our event manager if you would like to host an event in our taproom or private barrel room. Hylla Resan! (Hail the Journey!)


3331 Moore Street, Richmond, VA 23230
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Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday: 3 pm to 10 pm
Saturday: 12 pm to 10 pm
Sunday: 12 pm to 8 pm


Saturdays at 12:30pm $5


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The Brewhouse


Two 80 bbl foeders accompany our fermenters where our Belgian-meets-American style comes to fruition.


Our four-vessel brewhouse stays busy during the week, but we give a peek behind our operations during weekend tours.


Our quality control lab, barrel room and fermentation space allow for an inside look to the world of Väsen.

The Lab


We’re dedicated to brewing the best beer possible, with a lab inside the brewery to ensure quality and consistency.


We like to experiment with local yeast strains and find flavors we never thought were possible.


Keep an eye out in the taproom for exciting one-off beers with experimental concoctions.

The Building


Staged in an old glass factory originally built in 1946, clear storied windows and tall ceilings lay the perfect aesthetic for life at Väsen.


The HandCraft Building is a staple in the Scott’s Addition Historic District, home to other great breweries in Richmond, Virginia


From our pilot system to our now 20 bbl brewhouse, the commitment to be an experimental brewery has always stayed the same.


The Väsen Ambassador program was born from our own experiences with the great outdoors. Our team is passionate about being outside and staying active. Along the way, we’ve had the privilege of meeting some amazing people who have become our ambassadors. They educate, inspire, and participate in the type of outdoor activities that represent the spirit of Väsen. As we grow, we’re continuing to look for others who revel in competition while never missing an opportunity to give back to the sport that provides them with a true essence of themselves. Together, we’re building a stronger community through ambassador engagement.

Click the “Learn More” button below to read about our ambassadors, their experiences, stories, and what brought them to the outdoor sports world.

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Väsen and the Environment

Väsen is on a mission to be one of the most sustainable breweries in the nation. As a purpose-driven brewery, we see it as our responsibility to propel the industry forward by using a holistic approach to sustainability. We created the Väsen Environmental Program as one step in this journey. Our legacy will be built on the sustainability practices enacted under this program for generations to come.

In order to create change in the beer industry, Väsen starts at the local level. By working hand-in-hand with Virginia farmers and energy producers, we rely on a local and sustainable supply chain. Together we strive to achieve sustainable brewing with 100% reuse and recycling of the resources we use to make quality beer. It’s our goal to make thoughtful, data-driven decisions that make the environmental footprint of every aspect of our business (from beer to merchandise) as small as possible.

We’re in this together. Please get in touch if you have any questions about our Environmental Program or want to chat about environmentally friendly brewing at your local brewery.

Hail the Journey – to Sustainable Brewing!

About Us

The Swedish word “väsen” honors our Scandinavian heritage and translates as one’s inner essence or way of being. At Väsen Brewing Company, brewing is about creating and appreciating something greater than yourself. Our beer is a medium through which we express ourselves and our appreciation for our environment. We brew to inspire others to chase the things they love.

Väsen beers combine the experimental spirit that defines American craft beer with the rustic and funky flavors of Belgian farmhouse and sour ales.

We’ve developed a distinctive brewing process that produces balanced, sessionable beers that are perfect for long days outside. Our barrel-aging program let’s us flood Richmond with the funkiest of farmhouse ales, complemented by a variety of Saisons, wheat beers, and pale ales.

Our goal is to make unconventional ales and celebrate those who share an appreciation for the outdoors and spark positive change in their communities.